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Today, The Economist cast its hypothetical vote for Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election. This follows its anti-endorsement of Trump in May and comes a couple of days after a Clinton endorsement from another international newspaper, The Financial Times. Much like The New Yorker’s Clinton endorsement got me thinking about magazine presidential endorsements, these articles piqued my curiousity: When do foreign newspapers endorse U.S. presidential candidates?

It might make sense for The Economist and the FT to weigh in on U.S. elections, as much of their circulation comes from the U.S. or Americans living abroad. For more national newspapers, opining on American elections might seem strange, so I tried to document all the cases in which it’s occurred. Here’s what I found:


As with my magazine endorsements post, I will add links to and interesting excerpts from the actual articles shortly. Here’s the raw data, so feel free to let me know what’s missing!